Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home, Building, Industry Inspection and Reporting?

Inspection of a structure is to conduct Visual Condition Survey from time to time so as to ensure that it is Architecturally Sound and Structurally Safe.

The Objective of Condition Survey of a building structure is

What is Structural Analysis and Design?

Analysis is process of determining the response of the structure to carry stipulated load coming on to it which in general are Self Weight, Dead Load, Live Load, Wind load, Seismic Load.

Design includes determination of load carrying capacity of structural elements or Demand Capacity ratio of elements for the imposed loads.

What is Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

NDT provides information about the material properties which has been used during construction and repairs and hence they are very useful tool in determining the strength, quality of structure.

What is Rehabilitation and Strengthening Solution for Structures

Once the Demand and Capacity of structural elements are carried out with the help of Analysis and Design, any shortfall in them can be meet with the help of Rehabilitation and Strengthening with the help of various technique.

What is Structural Audit?

Structural Audit is to conduct Visual Condition Survey of the existing Building.
The Objective of Condition Survey of a building structure is:

What Does Condition Survey Report reveals ?

Costing and Time Period?

Both the Aspects depend on various factors like Building Condition, Quantum of work and hence it is variable project to project.

But it broadly varies in the span of one day to 2 months estimated work time.