Why When How?

Why Building Inspection?

In many countries Property inspection is considered to be essential to the real estate transaction and there is growing desire by consumers to learn about the condition of a property prior to purchase.

With this view, SAAIBI was established to help buyers and sellers make real estate transaction decisions based on accurate information.

After all a consumer puts his hard earned money for it and one thing he can at least do is certify his Property so that he can ensure that it is Architecturally Sound and Structurally Safe.

Considering the above, building inspection is needed :

When Inspection?

How can we help?

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Property Inspection is useful for

property buyers


Buying a property may seem like an endless series of critical, important decision making processes. A guide from the Inspection Team may help you in this process resulting in Happy Buying.

For New Property purchase:

The newly finished home (property) may be of highest quality, but with various components and details along with Carpet Area Verification which the Builder has promised, this need to be verified, with the help of Inspection team it can be cross checked and what was promised can be achieved by professional help. Happy Buying!

For Second/Old Property :

There are good reasons why you should get a Home/building inspection done before you buy a property so you will know in advance what are the existing defects are.

Condition of structural elements with the help of Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Carpet Area verification, Workmanship check for various finishes and amenities, status of any Incomplete work, presence of Water leaks, etc. can be achieved with Professional Help.

Property sellers


Home-buyers are not the only people who take help. Home-sellers also take help to gain knowledge of the condition of their home before placing it for sale in the market.

Smart home-sellers want to know the condition of the home, so they will be better prepared to acknowledge and correct deficiencies to fetch the higher price for their property.

A last-minute surprise to Buyers can be avoided. Happy Selling!

builders Developers


An Independent Inspection is an added quality control service that provides a final confirmation at the end of a project.

We believe that builders’ reputation to build quality constructed Homes and Projects needs credibility which is essential in building his brand in the market.

With the growing customer’s knowledge and demand for quality, it has become prime important that each home or property passes through rigorous checks before they are occupied by customers.

SAAIBI helps you in a way that each Home or Property is Quality Check, Tested and Certified before placing to Smart Customers.

Property insurerance

Financial Institutions & Property Insurance Providers

Financial Institutes & Property Insurance providers have been approving loans and insurance without verifying the structural health of the property on which they are lending money.

Cracks and deterioration in structural members can devalue your lended money, before you lend money determine the structural value of property, get certified inspection report before sanctioning the loan.

Choosing SAAIBI means choosing someone you can trust to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the home’s major systems and components—honestly and objectively, apart from anyone’s interests other than your own.

Buy Property website

Online Purchase/ Property sale through property website

Though you have verified the location and genuineness of the seller but what about health condition of the property?

Get condition survey report for verified property and get more transactions done.

Only a certified inspector can provide your customers with a professional, personalized inspection and education.
We call this “EMPOWERMENT TO YOU.”