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We conduct Home, Building, Industry Inspection and Reporting and give end to end solutions to Building problems and share knowledge to Safe Guard them.

We have dedicated team to perform Structural Analysis and Design, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Solution for Structures, Non Destructive Testing for Building components, Proof-Checking, Structural Audit and any Site specific needs during ongoing New Construction and Repairs

Audit - Home, Building, Industry Inspection and Reporting

Inspection of a structure is to conduct Condition Survey from time to time so as to ensure that it is Architecturally Sound and Structurally Safe.
We have experienced team in performing Inspection and over the time we have conducted satisfactory work with client appreciation. Why it is required is elaborated on our Inspection page

It includes Visual Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Analysis as per requirements. The Objective of Condition Survey of a building structure is:

  • To identify - cause of distress and their sources.
  • To assess - the extent of distress occurred due to corrosion, fire, earthquake etc.
    - Strength of the Structure
    - Ability to Rehab
  • To prioritise the distressed elements according to seriousness for repairs and
  • To select and plan the effective remedy.
The report will reveal all of the above in very easy to understandable format.

Please refer to feature of Our Report section along with Report package samples for reference at the bottom of Page

Structural Analysis and Design

We undertake Analysis and Design of RCC Buildings, Steel structures for Residential, Commercial, High Rise Buildings, Institutional and Industrial Structures.

Working out the combination of Framing, analytical modelling keeping in check codal compliances we deliver Drawings which are easy to understand for site execution. Regular site visits by our Engineers keep in check what we have designed is implemented during execution.

Testing assess the Strength and Durability of Old and New Concrete elements. Without loading the specimen to failure one can measure strength of concrete. Now days this method has become a part of quality control process.

Along with Non Destructive, Semi Destructive and Destructive Tests need to be taken for evaluation of load carrying capacity of structure and testing quality of work by performing recommended Tests.

Please find below List of Tests We Conduct:

  • Rebound hammer Test – Strength of Concrete can be verified for new concrete for larger specimen
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Core - lab assisted standard compression testing method to determine compressive strength of Concrete
  • Capo Test or Cut & Pull Out Test – On site testing method to determine compressive strength of Concrete
  • Carbonation Depth - When the cover concrete is carbonated it results in reduction in the alkalinity surrounding the reinforcement bars which enhance the process of Corrosion of bars.
  • Half-cell potential - Half cell potential test determines the probability of corrosion activity taking place at the point in the Reinforcement.
  • Reinforcement Mapping - Instrument is used to assess reinforcement bar diameter and spacing of main bars and stirrups in new and old RCC elements.
  • Ph Value, Chloride and Sulphide Tests - Tests are formulated to measure the Ph value of concrete and determination of sulphates and chloride content so they are within the permissible limits for durable concrete
  • Deflection and Strain in Members – Deflection is measured under loads with the help of Linear potentiometer and strain with Strain Gauge.
  • Natural Frequency – With the help of Accelerometer.

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a Composite Material consisting of two main components Polymer Matrix reinforced with Fibres. FRP is used for Strengthening, Rehabilitation purpose when

  • There is change in Usage i.e. From Residential to Commercial Loading.
  • Normal Loading to Server room loading
  • Increase in Number of storey of the Building
  • Revision in Codes for Seismic Loading or change of seismic Zone to higher One.
  • As per Requirement or work specific

FRP can be used for Flexural, Shear, Confinement and Torsional Strengthening and hence can be said all-rounder for Strengthening Work. FRP design is based on ACI-440.2R.
We provide Design Calculation for FRP related specialized jobs or Proof Check them and help in choose Economical and Safe Methodology for Execution.

Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Solution for Structures

We provide Design Calculation and assist during execution for Strengthening and Rehabilitation Work and help in choose Economical and Safe Methodology for Execution.

Types of Structures which are commonly build in India are Masonry, RCC and Steel Structure. All exhibit different response under loading and hence different types of defects are noticed on them.

Each one requires different technique to repair and rehabilitation and the level of Risk involve is also different. Proper Planning, material Selection and Workmanship are the keys to success.

Rehabilitation and Strengthening by various Technique like Jacketing, Steel plating, FRP can be effectively done.

Proof Checking

We conduct Proof checking and Review of the Project with respect to Concept, Design Basis adopted, Methodology selected, Codal compliances, Good for Construction drawings prepared by Contractor or by Consultant.

Proof checking should be involved at early stage of Project so that any type of shortcomings can be reviewed upon and rectified.

Building failures can be attributed to errors in the design which can arise for a number of reasons that include:

  • Lack of experience by the Designer
  • Human error
  • Communication failure between members of the design team
  • Inappropriate application/use of the design codes
  • Failure to translate design assumptions to the construction of the works
  • Good for Construction drawing not having proper detailing.

Hence we recommend proof checking as an essential & most important aspect for any project

Features of our Reports

  • Our services include Report on pre-purchase condition of property, Inspection of new construction, Legal Inspections and Inspections and consulting services where our clients may have specific needs.
  • Our experience in construction consulting, where we are often asked to help find and solve construction related problems, is reflected in our inspection work and the quality of our resulting reports.
  • Our quality inspection services and reporting provide our clients with information that is useful in making an informed decision through narrative format reports which are easy to read and understand.
  • Our professional staff is available to assist you in your needs and to answer any questions you may have related to the inspection or consulting work we perform.
  • All of our reports and any associated photographs are made available online in an easy to access and secure format for download and distribution. ​

What you can expect from our report packages

Item Description Basic Standard Advanced
General Information
Condition Survey
Visual Inspection Report
Non Destructive Testing
Structural Analysis
Problem Identification
Workable Solutions
Safe Guard